It’s Not Over Until You Win!


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I remember today, like so many of you, one of the most influential and powerful leaders of our time, Nelson Mandela. One year ago today, we all mourned his death but at the same time celebrated his life and legacy.

As 2014 is racing towards it’s finishing line you may, as I am, be looking back over this past year with thankfulness yet with some questions while at the same time looking onwards to 2015 with concerns over what it may hold.

My year has been full of learnings, some very poignant, some life changing, others have been truly personally affirming. I’ve learned about people. Some surprising. Some shocking. Some hurtful. Some enlightening! I’m so grateful for all the amazing teachers, mentors, friends and loved ones who have genuinely poured into my life.

I’m so thankful for all I’ve gone through, achieved, gained and my life is that much fuller and richer.

There have been hard lessons too, the kind of lessons that you would prefer to forego but they prove to be the making of you.

But through it all, I’ve learned to trust. Through it all I’ve learned to depend on God’s faithfulness and promises. Through it all I’ve become stronger. Life and success is truly a journey not a destination. It’s about becoming who you really are. It’s about embracing everything you are created to be. It’s about giving expression to the greatness within you.*

Sometimes it looks impossible. But as Nelson Mandela says “it’s always impossible until it’s done”.

Sometimes it looks like it’s over. But Les Brown says “it’s not over until I win”.

I want to encourage you, as I encourage myself, to forget the naysayers, forget those who say you can’t do it, forget those who want to tell you what to do. Instead, remember that the desires within you are those given you by the Creator. You can’t help being who you are. Amazing. Gifted. Multi-talented. Called. Appointed. Anointed. Go on and shine! Don’t let anyone get in your way. Don’t let anyone hold you down. Be all you can be. Be all you’re called to be. Do it all. You can do all things through God’s strength.

Don’t doubt yourself. Don’t doubt your abilities. Don’t doubt your purpose. Do what comes naturally to you.

Like Nelson Mandela, you too came to the planet for a purpose. Live your purpose. Live your life.

It’s not over until you win.

Listen to our Show that pays tribute to an outstanding man of our times and be inspired to overcome adversity, obstacles and resistance. Reach up and find wisdom, patience and love. Love never fails. Love is the greatest.

Nelson Mandela RIP

Patricia Benjamin

*The Greater One dwells within you.



Tera Carissa Hodges – Finding your Purpose

Don’t let 2014 come to an end without finding your purpose. Here’s some help from Tera Carissa1


Did you recognise you have to serve on someone else’s Dream Team before you can have your own dream?

My guest on this week’s show, Tera Carissa Hodges, literally blew me away with almost every sentence. As an experienced and certified life coach myself I have to say this interview caused me to experience several shifts!

Shifts are significant. They take you to another place in your mindset, in your thinking, in your attitude, in your approach, they affect your whole level of operation.

Knowing your purpose is a powerful thing. So now your life has meaning. It has focus and intention. You’re not just wandering aimlessly following ideas or other people’s suggestions or expectations of you.

So you think you know your purpose. But tell me, did you know your purpose can change? Did you know your purpose has seasons?

Well, yes it does.

I loved hearing what…

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So Here Are “My Confessions”


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‘Part Une’

Hello Good Morning/Afternoon and Evening everyone. Did you miss us? I knew it! We missed you too

Really glad to be back here bouncing around on the blog. Must say not particularly thrilled about being back in the harsh cold of England. Jamaica was much more welcoming weather wise! But it’s all good. I’m happy to come back to reality.


Right let’s get to it shall we..
Im sorry I really have no confessions as such (youll find Ask Patricias’ in Part Deux’) Mostly my general thoughts and feelings…

I am so happy that we had the absolutely beautiful Lady Emmy come on the show and discuss with us the matters of inner and outer beauty and how it correlates to our Self esteem. Whether it be high or low, how the view we have of ourselves ultimately affects our relationships with others.
Very relevant and necessary topic for all women to hear I’d say.

Personally this is one issue I find so helpful and something I honestly appreciate. If you know me well you will know I am a bit of a product junkie/beauty fanatic and PROUD of it! I seem to have so much and enjoy getting through it.

Of course we hear a lot that ‘Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder’ and all that jazz which is a very true, fair statement. However even though we admit that rule we still cannot take away from the fact that we are still constantly judged on our outward appearance. This seems to be all that matters. Why do we focus on the outward and disregard what’s really the most valuable – the inside character?!

Self Esteem. You either have a high or a low one in my opinion. There really is no middle ground. How you view yourself is of course going to affect how others will in turn view you. If you are a fan of the warpaint and the weave but inside is completely devoid of any real depth, I mean what is the point? Our society is vacuous enough. Strive to build your character and being the best YOU. Authenticity.

Lady Emmy described it best. ‘

Be your own measuring stick’.

Don’t let others define your value.

I love me some lashes and lipstick honey, i love how they can transform anyone’s look. Be that as it may, the make up doesn’t take away from the truest essence of myself, it only enhances what is essentially going on inside. Its a wonderful feeling to know my worth and surround myself with those who appreciate that. Makeup doesnt define my character but it sure does make me feel good particularly if i am having a good eyebrow day!

Its important to understand there is nothing wrong with taking care of your appearance, if in turn you are also nurturing the inner beauty of yourself. The Hair and Make up is a ‘quick fix’ for many women but no amount will ever be able to successfully compensate for defunct Self Esteem. Deal with this first. That will be lasting.

When the inner and the outer match up, you are good to go honey. Nobody can tell you anything! *Finger Snaps*

Anyways… that’s enough out of me. Listen to the show and hear what Lady Emmy has to say, let us know your thoughts and comments. We love hearing from you.

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Danielle Drama
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‘Part Deux’

All the time growing up I heard that the way we looked on the outside didn’t really matter when it came down to it and that it was a beautiful heart that counted. Further that a woman’s beauty should not come from the fancy adorning of her hair or wearing fine clothes or latest fashions but a beautiful spirit was the focus. In fact, even God Himself didn’t look at the outward appearance but on the heart.

I remember years ago seeing on the bathroom scales I wasn’t the usual 8 St 5lbs but 9.0 Stones instead; shock horror! I immediately decided I needed to go on a short term diet to drop those offending pounds, I couldn’t afford them at a mere 5ft.2ins. However on saying this to a friend of mine, her father overheard me, he was one of our church deacons, pointed out that I was very prideful! Really!

Well, I defended myself by saying I would rather lose a few pounds instead of allowing the excess to grow and become harder to deal with further down the road and have to lose several stones instead of several pounds. He wasn’t impressed.

I say all that because of the underlying premise that physical appearance and beauty should not be the number one concern.


If your heart and spirit are both beautiful and pleasing, what is so wrong with making sure the packaging is reflecting that too?

The main point surely is recognising that wearing the latest styles and having a beautifully made up face does not cover up or hide a shallow or mean personality. Outer beauty is skin deep but real beauty starts within and radiates from your essence. It can be felt and experienced.

(This week’s Ask Patricia Show features model and TV personality Lady Emmy who says beauty is an every day routine, attitude and experience. Listen in here….

So loving myself, respecting myself, valuing myself, is a good thing.

Now I must admit I thought I did all this. Love myself etc. but I see that subconsciously I had absorbed the conditioning on outer beauty not being the issue. I didn’t realise. But it’s true. I hardly ever give myself proper time to do my makeup. My daughter often looks at me in wonder and asks ‘Mum, what have you done’? And I’m thinking “what’s the problem”? I often have to get an eyebrow makeover instead of maintenance as I’ve been ‘too busy’ to sit in the salon when I had ‘things to do’!

Oh dear……..

Now to work on the outside. The outer me. The part of me people notice whether they know me or not. Whether they decide if they want to get to know me or not. But working on myself from a good place. Not hating myself because I’m carrying excess weight and have to diet. Not hating my body and working out because I need to punish my body in submission. No, it’s loving myself as I say no to another slice of cake. It’s loving myself as I get to the gym.

It’s respecting myself as I refuse to comfort eat and enjoy a massage instead. It’s valuing myself as I give myself time to shop for new clothes without being in too much of a rush to try them on first. It’s validating myself as I stop putting myself at the back of the queue, behind the housework, behind the work deadlines, behind the demands of family, behind the clamour of voices telling me how much I have to get done, and make myself a priority. Call it the airline rule.

So, ladies did you recognise yourself in there anywhere? Even slightly or just a bit?

Get to looking good. Get to looking beautiful. Give yourself permission to not only be beautiful but to maximise that beauty. To display that beauty. To enjoy that beauty. To make your part of the world a prettier place. To enjoy and play up your femininity. With class and style.

Hear this week’s Ask Patricia Show on every day beauty here:

In fact I’m not waiting for 2015 to start on the new beautiful (on the outside too) me. I’m starting now. Here’s what that looks like:-

1. Don’t compare myself to other women. Just shine as the best me with no apologies!

2. Stop telling myself I don’t have enough time to do my makeup properly. Make time. I’m worth it.

3. No more fitting in personal shopping with getting the family groceries! (Yes, I do that!) That’s hardly the best way of going about things is it? Carve out personal shopping time. Because yes I’m worth it.

4. Remember to get my eyebrows done every few weeks. Maintenance is usually a lot less painful than a complete overhaul. That threading can be painful if brows have gone wild!

5. Get a satin pillowcase. Very good for my precious hair. Which I’m taking back to natural. I love it. No more chemicals for my crowning glory. This is me!

6. Really cut back on the fried foods. I adore fried plantain for breakfast or lunch or dinner. Now, let’s try for ‘not so much’.

7. Don’t beat myself up if I don’t get to the gym 6 times a week. Try for 4. That can work. Especially with the ‘not so much’ plantain.

8. I don’t have to be that ‘all or nothing’ person anymore. Little and often really does it. So, Mondays-Fridays on point. Saturdays 70% will do. Sundays…easy like Sunday morning will do just fine. Get my life and live my life!

9. Wear sunscreen. I never use to think that as a woman of colour that was at all important. But my skin needs protecting too. Plus sunscreen promotes skin anti ageing, which is a good thing right!

10. Get enough beauty sleep so I can be sweet inside and out.

So these are my confessions. My beauty confessions! Do you have any? I surely can’t be the only one? Don’t leave me hanging ladies……..

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Fashion, Ageing and the Afterlife…….


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Well, I wrote an article lately entitled “I’m 50 and I’ll Rock this dress”! That was my reposte to the idea that at a certain age fashionable clothes were no longer necessary or suitable for a woman. I wish I could say it was an original of mine but it belongs to Kim Cattrall’s fiesty character on Sex and the City, Samantha Jones. Looking good even fashionable is a good thing and desirable even at 50+.

Well I look at my twenties when I was often trying to lose the usual half a stone and weight loss was purely about aesthetics. It was pretty much the same during my thirties and forties. Now it’s actually about being healthy. You begin to look a little deeper and really recognise that “we are what we eat”. So now it’s all about the vegetables and the right proteins and the right carbs. All of a sudden green is cool. And I love my greens.

I shared with you all recently about my mother’s bout with cancer and in our determination for her to avoid chemo (she was in her early 80s and me and my siblings thought it would take too much out of her), our collective research told us about the power of dark green vegetables to build and strengthen the immune system.

So now I go for the broccoli, the spinach, the cabbages as well as beetroots, green and red peppers etc.

I used to eat and the only worry about the amount of calories I consumed. Now it’s the quality of the calories.

Anyway, like many of you of a similar age to me, one of your other health concerns might be the health of your ageing parents.

I’m quite blessed as I have both my parents still living and enjoying quite good health. My dad at approaching 90 still walks unaided and always has a good health check every few months where the doctors are very pleased with any test results. In fact they’re so pleased that he actually skipped a couple of appointments saying he’s fine and the doctor says he’s ok. Which is not the point, he still needs to go so they can keep an eye on him. He’s hard work……

My mum is doing fine thank the good Lord and going strong. She eats well and has a good body size. When she had the cancer a few years ago she dropped several sizes which was scary to see so seeing her at a healthy weight and size is super. She likes nice clothes and I had fun choosing some outfits for her last week. Just anything will not do. I’m pretty sure she’s the most fashionably dressed 80 year old at her church! She has a nice line in hats for every occasion, even sitting on the veranda on a Sunday afternoon….!


Although when I speak to her I do have to say things several times over – I’ve tried to get her to wear an hearing aid but she’s not keen! But that’s my next mission……

To value and actively appreciate our parents is good. To tell them our thoughts. To share our feelings with them. They won’t always be with us. It’s also great to hear their stories about yesteryear. I’m sure my mother has a book in her. As we all do.

My dad sometimes talks about going on his “journey”. I ask him where’s he going. To which he shrugs and smiles. He holds no fear of the afterlife. What’s beyond the grave. But lots of people do.

My understanding is that we are spirit beings which means the real “us” never dies. I believe we go back to the Giver of Life itself, where we all came from. It’s interesting to think that real life begins once we step out of this mortal shell, like the butterfly leaving its casing and spreading its beautiful gossamer wings to be fully all they were intended to be. Perhaps we are all like butterflies.

In fact, I’ll write a blog post about that soon……….as a life coach I take an interest in all matters of life and living and regardless of what our thoughts are about death and the hereafter it’s worthwhile looking into, it could be important……

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Finding Real Love…..With The One and Only Paul Brunson!


Hello friends! Its been a minute, I do hope you are all doing fabulously!

Guess what? So…..

We recently got to catch up with the Amazing Paul Carrick Brunson at the Hilton Hotel in Marble Arch. A treat indeed! Most of you will and should know who I’m talking about.

He’s the No1 Professional Matchmaker, Author of ‘Its Complicated’, Entrepreneur and everything in between! – I mean Seriously!

As I listened to his interview with Patricia It was pretty clear (even though he was pretty cream-crackered from his flight from DC to London) he means business and was surprisingly full of beans, hilarious and very endearing!

He mentioned some things we are getting wrong in terms of this whole ‘Dating Game’ the approaches, the interactions we have with men that could be sabotaging our chances! 😮

He also spoke about how we can improve and indeed, succeed in our quest for real love. Hes got the keys AND the secrets – Good thing too, im glad somebody does!

How well do YOU flirt? No really! What you think is Flirting, may not actually be doing you a favour! 

Now I LOVED hearing what he had to say.
I mean I was thinking in my mind ‘how on earth does he KNOW this stuff?!’

Watch his interview HERE

Now I’ll be honest, I’m 26 and Dating to me, seems like a waste of time purely because I would really prefer to take a break from it and spend time on myself, for the time being. Then again………. time really IS ticking……..I’m already on the anti-ageing creams! 😀 so who knows I’d gladly give up the ‘break’ if I found real love! I’m certain Paul can help me and you out in that area for sure. They don’t call him the Real Life Hitch for nothing.

LISTEN UP! Paul has a one-off special workshop happening today!! called (you guessed it..) ‘Finding Real Love’ and his reputation is 100% Satisfaction. no question about that so get your ticket now and get those secrets! 

Finding Real Love Workshop

See you there! ✌ 


Danielle Drama

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Finding out my mum had cancer……


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This month being breast cancer awareness month takes my mind back when my mum was diagnosed with cancer a few short years ago.

It was a most unsettling and discomfiting feeling that tried to settle on me when I heard the news. I tried hard to process it. All of me resisted what I was hearing.

I remember one person telling me “well, she’s had her 3 score years and 10” so she hasn’t done badly. I thought but did not say, does this mean I should simply accept this. When I look back and think about those very unfeeling words, I believe that individual was extremely unthinking and lacking in any empathy. Why would you say something so thoughtless. So mum was old now and didn’t really matter! Well, I remember telling God at the time that 3 score years and 10 or not, He didn’t need the help of cancer to take her home. I just wasn’t prepared to give in or accede to this diagnosis and it seemed neither was my mother. I believe there is a proverb that says something to the effect that “a man’s spirit will sustain him during his infirmity “.

So I began to search to find a way to handle the situation. My life coach training sprung into action and I spoke to a very close friend I knew from high school days and told her the situation.

My friend told me a most encouraging story: she was then working in one of the local London hospitals and apparently a male patient had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. He was told they could do little more than make him comfortable as it was inoperable. He decided to go home and spend his final days with his family in familiar surroundings.

However he too searched for options and found diet could help. He found that dark coloured vegetables, and in particular broccoli, were very effective in attacking the cancer cells. Upon reading this he got up each morning and boiled the broccoli and drank the juice first thing. He did this every morning for weeks and weeks, I don’t recall how many. However he now has no more cancer!

Well, as you can imagine, I thought to myself let’s get mum some of that broccoli and encourage her to start her day every day with broccoli juice. Which she did.

And I am happy to say she went along to her subsequent appointment, to which I accompanied her, about 3/4 months later, and her consultant reported “no cancer cells found, all clear”!

I don’t need to say that we were all really, really happy.

And now I always encourage people to have as many dark green vegetable as possible, and encourage them to major on broccoli.

It’s not a cure for all and I can’t promise everyone reading this that it will work in every case but it certainly won’t hurt.

On the spiritual side of things I’ve learned that wherever we carry emotional pain or negativity this can contribute towards growths etc in our bodies.

It’s important to forgive those who have wronged you, don’t return like for like, but keep a positive attitude and energies around you. Avoid toxic relationships, keep your environment peaceful. We are truly body, soul and spirit and a broken or distraught spirit can cause our body to be broken too.

My guest on today’s Ask Patricia Show had to fight cancer twice. But she won each time.

Maggie Gardner survived cancer even though her husband left her and health insurance did not cover her. She now helps other people who find themselves without support during such a challenging time.

Find her organisation at

Maggie speaks in more depth at

If you have an encouraging story of winning over cancer please share here.

Until next time,


Maggie’s Story – Listen here

Here’s a beautiful picture of Maggie at this year’s Pretty in Pink Ball which is held annually to celebrate the women who have survived breast cancer. You can find out more at Maggie’s site. Maggie is pictured here with Editor in Chief of Beautifully Inspired Women’s Magazine, Dorothelia Barnett.


Me, Myself & I – Up Close & Personal


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Hi guys

Today I thought I would share a little bit about me and why I’m here.

I’m a mum with four grown up children. All of whom I’m very proud of. Three sons and a daughter. I now have a grandson who is my treasure, never knew you could love someone like this.

My eldest son Joel is a leisure manager for a local school and a drama enthusiast in his spare time. He’s also an ardent football fan. (It’s all about the arsenal).

My daughter Danielle who follows him in age raises money for charity, teaches young people drama and is also a make-up expert.

Next comes Jacob, a bit of a maverick, works in loss prevention, has given us our first grandchild and has decided to take on the world and do whatever it takes for his son. He also does catwalk modelling and gets loads of free designer wear. Nice work if you can get it!

Then my youngest James, working his first job in retail, and making his mark in the world in his own way. I think he has a career in stand up comedy, or acting as he’s very good at improvisation. He’s also very good with young kids and trains them in sports.

I’ve been married for 30 years to my college sweetheart and every time someone asks me how long I’ve been married they are always totally blown away when I reply 30 years. “No one is married for 30 years Patricia” is what they tell me. “Were you a child bride”? (Of course I love this one…….)

I could write a book on marriage. Several. In fact I probably will. To be honest I’m pretty passionate about marriage and family.

The older I get (I’ve recently entered my 5th decade, but that’s another post) the more and more I see that practically everything goes back to our childhood, our upbringing, our family and our home life. It affects the way we do things, how we treat others, the goals and expectations we have of life, and other people and most importantly ourselves.

I really believe if we have healthy, caring, strong and principled homes we bring this into local communities and into society at large. It then affects each new generation.

Both my husband and I pastored for ten years which was an incredible part of our journey as a couple and a real education about ourselves, people in general and life. So much goes on behind the closed doors of many a respectable home. I tell you this, all families have issues. It’s not just you. It’s not just me. But I loved spending time with people, opening my heart to them sharing my struggles and in turn hearing about theirs. People love to help and it was a real heartwarming place within which to serve others.

I then trained as a life coach which actually allowed me to take what I was doing with families and people in the church to a wider group of people, many of them unchurched. But again, all families have issues. I found the same human conditions prevailed. It was a new period of learning for me. In fact I believe I was at my most happiest. I remember at times leaving my coaching Practice at the end of the day and feeling totally alive and attuned to my surroundings, other people and being very animated and excited about life in general. I remember sharing this feeling with a colleague who replied ” Patricia, if you’re feeling this happy you are in the top 10% ie people who have found their true calling and purpose in life.” I think they were right. My feeling of happiness went deep down in the cells of my body. I could feel it.

I then took my coaching to the radio. So a new group of people, a new audience that’s worldwide. But guess, what the issues are all the same. We all want loving relationships. We all want our families to be happy and successful. We all want to be financially astute and financially free. We all want our children to do well. We all want good health. No matter who we are or where we live.

So now I’m blogging and sharing on topics that are close to my heart. Hopefully another platform where I can make new friends and connect with new people. It’s exciting to see your blog being read in faraway places such as Venezuela, the Caribbean, Thailand, Guinea, Japan, Russia and places nearer home, Ireland, Italy, France, as well of course USA.

You will find that women’s issues come up most of the time. I will speak on relationships, family matters, personal development, health matters and business/money issues. After all life is a business, it’s all about the money; if you don’t have good health you don’t have anything and to be successful in life we have to keep growing.

I hope you will visit my blog regularly (My plan is to write at least weekly) please have a read, say your thoughts, follow me. I promise to visit and follow you too. It’s a global conversation.

I would especially love to connect with you if you are a woman over 35 who wants to challenge herself to get as much out of life as possible. If you’re discovering your purpose, maybe have a few areas in your life that need attention and you’re looking for support and encouragement along the way, I’m your girl.

Til next time,


(My daughter told me this is far too long, but thanks for bearing with it to the end)


I Just Woke Up Like This


So still talking women’s health.


On this show we look at the pressure so many women feel to be perfect. The constant pressure to have the perfect body. The pressure to look young. The pressure to be sexy at any age. We are shown images of women in the glossies that look impossibly fantastic and we can feel we should be the same. Never mind the fact they’ve had the benefit of Photoshop, airbrushing or a professional makeup artist with a bag of tricks etc! Not to mention Beyonce who just woke up like this!

I remember when I was approaching 40, it seemed like I was entering the abyss. 40, I just couldn’t imagine actually being 40. I was going to have to choose a new box to place my X. But I found my forties to be my best decade, much better than the uncertain twenties and infinitely…

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I Just Woke Up Like This


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So still talking women’s health.


On this show we look at the pressure so many women feel to be perfect. The constant pressure to have the perfect body. The pressure to look young. The pressure to be sexy at any age. We are shown images of women in the glossies that look impossibly fantastic and we can feel we should be the same. Never mind the fact they’ve had the benefit of Photoshop, airbrushing or a professional makeup artist with a bag of tricks etc! Not to mention Beyonce who just woke up like this!

I remember when I was approaching 40, it seemed like I was entering the abyss. 40, I just couldn’t imagine actually being 40. I was going to have to choose a new box to place my X. But I found my forties to be my best decade, much better than the uncertain twenties and infinitely more empowering than my thirties. I was looking great, always getting male attention despite the wedding band, people told me I was in the best shape of my life, (courtesy of my regular gym visits) and I was super confident. I felt I could take on the world and look fabulous while doing it!

But now I’m entering the next decade it’s a little forbidding. I had to ask myself some questions. Does the world accept the older woman in the same way when it comes to her looks? Hollywood certainly doesn’t. Modelling certainly doesn’t! Would the world I inhabited accept me? Would I still be deemed beautiful or like so many older women would I now become invisible?

Where can older women go to find true acceptance without resorting to plastic surgery? It comes with all it’s risks; or perhaps she could try a bit of lunchtime Botox, i.e. injecting poison into your body, etc etc. This is surely not a good look. So just how far will women go to be beautiful? Are we willing to let it affect our physical health? Why are so many women suffering eating disorders, experiencing self-loathing? Why is happiness dependent upon the tape measure or the bathroom scales?

Our guest on the show, former runway model Jennifer Strickland tells us that just because something looks good doesn’t mean it is. She says she had to starve herself (as did many of the other models) to be accepted and favoured! She’s says everything is not as it appears and that women and young girls need to know that they are more………..

Listen in here

“Have you ever flipped through a magazine and felt like you’d never measure up?

Believed the person who said you weren’t good enough?

You’re not the only one.

When you look to men, mirrors, and magazines for a reflection of your value, you see only a distorted reflection.” Jennifer Strickland, former runway model

Find out more about Jennifer here

This is such a huge issue affecting many women and I’ll no doubt post on this again during the week. Feel free to share your thoughts.

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Women’s Health – Post Natal Depression


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So this month we are looking at women’s health as well as issues that affect the men in our lives.

As a mother of four children I was blessed to enjoy the early days of motherhood and came through the demands fairly smoothly. I had the love and support of my husband as well as the help and assistance of my mum. Fortunately I didn’t live miles away from my extended family and my mum and my sisters were always nearby.

However for some women it’s a different story as they go on to experience post natal depression. At a time when they should be enjoying one of the deepest expressions of their womanhood, giving birth to a child and bonding with that child, things don’t quite work out that way.

My guest on the show, Donna-Marie Foster, experienced a more extreme case of this called Puerperal Psychosis. During this time she failed to recognise her own husband and even hit out at her eldest child who she thought had come to take the baby!

Donna-Marie could not be left alone with her new baby for the best part of 7 months. Listen in here…….

If you are going through any form of post natal depression – there is help available.

Look here for help and advice.

Show on PND

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