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Do you realise that the amazing and almost too wonderful dreams and desires that you harbour in your heart are a clear directive of what you were born to be, do and accomplish?

It’s a revelation and it’s a glorious one. If when you dream you see yourself in front of myriads of people it means your sphere of influence and ability to impact is large.


If you find yourself with large dreams it means you were meant to affect many through your life and by what you do in your time here.

Never ever be intimated by your dreams. Don’t feel it can never happen. Dare to believe that you have the abilities and wisdom to live your dream.

Also don’t allow anyone who doesn’t quite get or understand you to stop you or get in your way.  There are always those who think they know your purpose better than you possibly could. Others may be well meaning but are nonetheless misguided.  Please never abandon your desires. Those desires are God given and He has deposited within you the greatness you need to be all He created you to be. The fact that you have the desire is proof it belongs to you. Embrace it and pursue it with violence. “The Kingdom of God suffers violence and violent men take it by force”. Matt 11.12


Nothing significant is merely give, oh no, it must be taken.  If you want it, go and get it.

So demand more of yourself . Why live a lesser life than anyone else? Are you a child of a lesser god?

Do not become frustrated when the road to your destination is not smooth or the path is not linear. Instead, learn lessons along the way, take courage when you ride through the storms, rejoice when you score touchdowns and don’t stop until you get enough.

Patricia Benjamin