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I have just finished speaking with Sherry Ann Dixon and a more inspirational woman  you cannot hope to meet. Speaking with Sherry,  you feel as though there is nothing that is beyond your reach.

We covered so many key points in our interview and I want to touch on a few of the ones that I especially loved!

1. Be curious about life. Be observant of life. This reminds me of King Solomon who wrote the Proverbs. He too was a keen observer of life and people and he often shared the lessons he learned.

2. Broaden your horizons and don’t be afraid to have an influence and impact outside and beyond your immediate sphere of activity. You can affect other people too and the gifts that you have can make a huge difference in the lives of countless people. Don’t put a limit on what you do.

3. Don’t be the invisible woman. Give your voice. Give your opinion.  Give your story.

4. Don’t let your age hold you back. If you haven’t done everything by age 30 that’s okay. If you want to go back to study in your 40s or 50s that okay too. It really is never too late to learn new skills. Sherry started doing radio in her 40s and again her in 50s. She also qualified as a lecturer in her late 50s and has won a plethora of awards since.  Now in her sixth decade she is still developing her skills, growing in confidence, and beginning brand new initiatives. More of that on the Show. Listen in here

5. Be proud of the real you. There is nothing better. As a woman of colour myself, who has lately decided to wear my hair natural with no chemicals or weaves etc and absolutely revelling in it; I love this the most. As Sherry says “How dare I say I am not beautiful when I am in my own skin and in my own hair?” How dare I indeed!


I believe the world needs more “women like you” who are not afraid of making their own decisions and are ready to do all that’s in their hearts.

I hope this interview in our series “Take a Woman Like You” inspires you to put on your happy face and get ready to make a difference!

Patricia Benjamin
Life Coach
Radio Talk Show Host
Twitter @Ask_Patricia


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