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I’m doing just that. Keeping my head up to the sky, being bold, being strong! I like it that way. Life feels like a great, big, beautiful adventure!

Have you ever looked back at your journals and seen the entries you made at the start of the year? I’ve just done so and I’m overflowing with renewed excitement! Because I saw so many of the endeavours that I have begun during the year whilst not even thinking about my journal entries and now recognise that I was automatically fulfilling my dreams, my desires, the positive words and declarations other trusted colleagues had spoken into my life. It all made total sense. My life was working. It was on point. I was exactly where I was meant to be! And when you’ve had to endure and surmount a couple serious “hard knocks” that is powerful to see.

So I’m not making new year resolutions. Oh no. I’m sticking to following my instincts and pursuing my goals. A great friend told me over 2 years ago that I should recognise that the dreams and desires I have for myself are the Father’s dreams and desires for me. That He was wanting me to do all that was in my heart. He had put them there.

Have you heard the term “die empty” or “leave it all out there” or “do more”? – well I’m determined to do just that.

I love the amazing and inspirational people I have encountered. They absolutely push me to do what I do but do it better. To not be afraid of standing out. To not be afraid of my own light. I’m impressed with these individuals. They encourage me. They embolden me. They bless me. And so many of them have generous hearts and open spirits which I totally respect.

Once such lady is the undoubted star that we call Pauline Long. I don’t know anyone who works harder and as for all her success, she truly deserves it. She definitely gets up and goes harder.

An entrepreneur, a fashion designer, Awards Curator, Global Ambassador, Film Studio owner and executive, Television Show Host and Presenter, Philanthropist, the list is unending – Pauline is engaging, down to earth and most of all, genuine.

She reminded us all in this week’s Ask Patricia Show #APS that we are all incredible creations and we must not die with everything still within us. But we must die empty.

She believes she has been called and anointed to do all she does and, importantly, that YOU ARE too.

Listen In Here as she talks with me,