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Well, I wrote an article lately entitled “I’m 50 and I’ll Rock this dress”! That was my reposte to the idea that at a certain age fashionable clothes were no longer necessary or suitable for a woman. I wish I could say it was an original of mine but it belongs to Kim Cattrall’s fiesty character on Sex and the City, Samantha Jones. Looking good even fashionable is a good thing and desirable even at 50+.

Well I look at my twenties when I was often trying to lose the usual half a stone and weight loss was purely about aesthetics. It was pretty much the same during my thirties and forties. Now it’s actually about being healthy. You begin to look a little deeper and really recognise that “we are what we eat”. So now it’s all about the vegetables and the right proteins and the right carbs. All of a sudden green is cool. And I love my greens.

I shared with you all recently about my mother’s bout with cancer and in our determination for her to avoid chemo (she was in her early 80s and me and my siblings thought it would take too much out of her), our collective research told us about the power of dark green vegetables to build and strengthen the immune system.

So now I go for the broccoli, the spinach, the cabbages as well as beetroots, green and red peppers etc.

I used to eat and the only worry about the amount of calories I consumed. Now it’s the quality of the calories.

Anyway, like many of you of a similar age to me, one of your other health concerns might be the health of your ageing parents.

I’m quite blessed as I have both my parents still living and enjoying quite good health. My dad at approaching 90 still walks unaided and always has a good health check every few months where the doctors are very pleased with any test results. In fact they’re so pleased that he actually skipped a couple of appointments saying he’s fine and the doctor says he’s ok. Which is not the point, he still needs to go so they can keep an eye on him. He’s hard work……

My mum is doing fine thank the good Lord and going strong. She eats well and has a good body size. When she had the cancer a few years ago she dropped several sizes which was scary to see so seeing her at a healthy weight and size is super. She likes nice clothes and I had fun choosing some outfits for her last week. Just anything will not do. I’m pretty sure she’s the most fashionably dressed 80 year old at her church! She has a nice line in hats for every occasion, even sitting on the veranda on a Sunday afternoon….!


Although when I speak to her I do have to say things several times over – I’ve tried to get her to wear an hearing aid but she’s not keen! But that’s my next mission……

To value and actively appreciate our parents is good. To tell them our thoughts. To share our feelings with them. They won’t always be with us. It’s also great to hear their stories about yesteryear. I’m sure my mother has a book in her. As we all do.

My dad sometimes talks about going on his “journey”. I ask him where’s he going. To which he shrugs and smiles. He holds no fear of the afterlife. What’s beyond the grave. But lots of people do.

My understanding is that we are spirit beings which means the real “us” never dies. I believe we go back to the Giver of Life itself, where we all came from. It’s interesting to think that real life begins once we step out of this mortal shell, like the butterfly leaving its casing and spreading its beautiful gossamer wings to be fully all they were intended to be. Perhaps we are all like butterflies.

In fact, I’ll write a blog post about that soon……….as a life coach I take an interest in all matters of life and living and regardless of what our thoughts are about death and the hereafter it’s worthwhile looking into, it could be important……

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