Hello friends! Its been a minute, I do hope you are all doing fabulously!

Guess what? So…..

We recently got to catch up with the Amazing Paul Carrick Brunson at the Hilton Hotel in Marble Arch. A treat indeed! Most of you will and should know who I’m talking about.

He’s the No1 Professional Matchmaker, Author of ‘Its Complicated’, Entrepreneur and everything in between! – I mean Seriously!

As I listened to his interview with Patricia It was pretty clear (even though he was pretty cream-crackered from his flight from DC to London) he means business and was surprisingly full of beans, hilarious and very endearing!

He mentioned some things we are getting wrong in terms of this whole ‘Dating Game’ the approaches, the interactions we have with men that could be sabotaging our chances! 😮

He also spoke about how we can improve and indeed, succeed in our quest for real love. Hes got the keys AND the secrets – Good thing too, im glad somebody does!

How well do YOU flirt? No really! What you think is Flirting, may not actually be doing you a favour! 

Now I LOVED hearing what he had to say.
I mean I was thinking in my mind ‘how on earth does he KNOW this stuff?!’

Watch his interview HERE

Now I’ll be honest, I’m 26 and Dating to me, seems like a waste of time purely because I would really prefer to take a break from it and spend time on myself, for the time being. Then again………. time really IS ticking……..I’m already on the anti-ageing creams! 😀 so who knows I’d gladly give up the ‘break’ if I found real love! I’m certain Paul can help me and you out in that area for sure. They don’t call him the Real Life Hitch for nothing.

LISTEN UP! Paul has a one-off special workshop happening today!! called (you guessed it..) ‘Finding Real Love’ and his reputation is 100% Satisfaction. no question about that so get your ticket now and get those secrets! 

Finding Real Love Workshop

See you there! ✌ 


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