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This month being breast cancer awareness month takes my mind back when my mum was diagnosed with cancer a few short years ago.

It was a most unsettling and discomfiting feeling that tried to settle on me when I heard the news. I tried hard to process it. All of me resisted what I was hearing.

I remember one person telling me “well, she’s had her 3 score years and 10” so she hasn’t done badly. I thought but did not say, does this mean I should simply accept this. When I look back and think about those very unfeeling words, I believe that individual was extremely unthinking and lacking in any empathy. Why would you say something so thoughtless. So mum was old now and didn’t really matter! Well, I remember telling God at the time that 3 score years and 10 or not, He didn’t need the help of cancer to take her home. I just wasn’t prepared to give in or accede to this diagnosis and it seemed neither was my mother. I believe there is a proverb that says something to the effect that “a man’s spirit will sustain him during his infirmity “.

So I began to search to find a way to handle the situation. My life coach training sprung into action and I spoke to a very close friend I knew from high school days and told her the situation.

My friend told me a most encouraging story: she was then working in one of the local London hospitals and apparently a male patient had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. He was told they could do little more than make him comfortable as it was inoperable. He decided to go home and spend his final days with his family in familiar surroundings.

However he too searched for options and found diet could help. He found that dark coloured vegetables, and in particular broccoli, were very effective in attacking the cancer cells. Upon reading this he got up each morning and boiled the broccoli and drank the juice first thing. He did this every morning for weeks and weeks, I don’t recall how many. However he now has no more cancer!

Well, as you can imagine, I thought to myself let’s get mum some of that broccoli and encourage her to start her day every day with broccoli juice. Which she did.

And I am happy to say she went along to her subsequent appointment, to which I accompanied her, about 3/4 months later, and her consultant reported “no cancer cells found, all clear”!

I don’t need to say that we were all really, really happy.

And now I always encourage people to have as many dark green vegetable as possible, and encourage them to major on broccoli.

It’s not a cure for all and I can’t promise everyone reading this that it will work in every case but it certainly won’t hurt.

On the spiritual side of things I’ve learned that wherever we carry emotional pain or negativity this can contribute towards growths etc in our bodies.

It’s important to forgive those who have wronged you, don’t return like for like, but keep a positive attitude and energies around you. Avoid toxic relationships, keep your environment peaceful. We are truly body, soul and spirit and a broken or distraught spirit can cause our body to be broken too.

My guest on today’s Ask Patricia Show had to fight cancer twice. But she won each time.

Maggie Gardner survived cancer even though her husband left her and health insurance did not cover her. She now helps other people who find themselves without support during such a challenging time.

Find her organisation at http://www.gardnershouse.org

Maggie speaks in more depth at http://www.biwmagazine.com

If you have an encouraging story of winning over cancer please share here.

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Maggie’s Story – Listen here

Here’s a beautiful picture of Maggie at this year’s Pretty in Pink Ball which is held annually to celebrate the women who have survived breast cancer. You can find out more at Maggie’s site. Maggie is pictured here with Editor in Chief of Beautifully Inspired Women’s Magazine, Dorothelia Barnett.