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So this month we are looking at women’s health as well as issues that affect the men in our lives.

As a mother of four children I was blessed to enjoy the early days of motherhood and came through the demands fairly smoothly. I had the love and support of my husband as well as the help and assistance of my mum. Fortunately I didn’t live miles away from my extended family and my mum and my sisters were always nearby.

However for some women it’s a different story as they go on to experience post natal depression. At a time when they should be enjoying one of the deepest expressions of their womanhood, giving birth to a child and bonding with that child, things don’t quite work out that way.

My guest on the show, Donna-Marie Foster, experienced a more extreme case of this called Puerperal Psychosis. During this time she failed to recognise her own husband and even hit out at her eldest child who she thought had come to take the baby!

Donna-Marie could not be left alone with her new baby for the best part of 7 months. Listen in here…….

If you are going through any form of post natal depression – there is help available.

Look here for help and advice.

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