You must have heard it said that “the truth will set you free”. I like to say it this way “it’s the truth that you know that sets you free”.

I put it that way because the truth is always there but what if you don’t know that truth. What if you’ve never understood it? What if you were never shown this truth?

When it comes to money and financial success it’s essential to examine what you know and understand about money.

Melanie Strick, America’s leading small business optimizer, explains we all have a Money DNA. An inbuilt code that dictates the way we view and handle money.

There are 7 codes apparently and only 1 that is any good if you want to be successful financially.

I listened to Melanie and found out that I had the Monk blueprint running through my subconscious mind. This is not a great blueprint because it was causing me to feel on a deep level that money, the pursuit of money, the attainment of large sums of money wasn’t necessarily a good thing. That it could detract from my higher purpose in life. That it was somehow not very spiritual. I didn’t think it was evil but I certainly had reservations.

I found Melanie to be an eye-opener and so I’m delving into this much further.

What are your true feelings about money? Are you working towards obtaining financial freedom? Are you trying to build a business? Are you trying to raise a successful family? If so this is a great show to check out as Melanie shows you how you could be getting in your own way

Wondering what the other money blueprints are and what your Money DNA might be? Find out here

Patricia Benjamin