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Did you recognise you have to serve on someone else’s Dream Team before you can have your own dream?

My guest on this week’s show, Tera Carissa Hodges, literally blew me away with almost every sentence. As an experienced and certified life coach myself I have to say this interview caused me to experience several shifts!

Shifts are significant. They take you to another place in your mindset, in your thinking, in your attitude, in your approach, they affect your whole level of operation.

Knowing your purpose is a powerful thing. So now your life has meaning. It has focus and intention. You’re not just wandering aimlessly following ideas or other people’s suggestions or expectations of you.

So you think you know your purpose. But tell me, did you know your purpose can change? Did you know your purpose has seasons?

Well, yes it does.

I loved hearing what Tera was saying because I’ve stepped into a 3rd season in my life which I absolutely know is where I’m supposed to be.

My first signifant purpose was that of a Pastor. I did that full-time for 10 years. Then I moved into life coaching, my second significant purpose, which I did for 5 years exclusively. Now I use media to coach on a larger platform, full-time. But guess what, people who met and engaged with me in my first season want me to go back and pastor. They tell me I was so good at that. That I should still be doing it. But I know absolutely that I should not be. But I am still on purpose. In fact pastoring a much larger and more diverse congregation over the airways and through the World Wide Web.

I know for a fact my 10 years plus in full-time pastoral ministry, as well as the 5 years in professional life coaching are informing what I do through media. As Tera says it is part of the platform on which I stand.

Now if you still haven’t found out your purpose, not sure why you came to the planet, Tera gives one of the simplest ways yet to discover what it is!

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