Well after today’s Ask Patricia Show I will soon be one of the newly rich! Yes I dare to make that bold statement.

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I must say I have had to debunk a few myths that I was subconsciously subscribing to.

Being raised in a religious household and sent along to Sunday School whether I wanted to go or not, I grew up learning that the meek would inherit the earth and we were all working for a heavenly reward. I also learnt that it was better to give than to receive and how it was important to be humble.

Nothing too wrong with that but I wasn’t hearing the whole story.

It seems strange that people, rich or poor, spend a lot of time thinking, talking or worrying about money.

Money is a good thing. Money in large amounts is a very good thing. The more you have the more you can do and the more you can serve the world, make an impact and make a contribution.

Proverbs tells us that the poor man’s wisdom is despised.

So you and I owe it to ourselves to be financially free!

What’s great to increasingly recognise is that the rules of success have no favourites. That the laws of success work for those who will work them.

I’m challenging you as I challenge myself to play a bigger game. Don’t go to the graveyard leaving your best ideas, best opportunities and best dreams unfulfilled.

It’s not about the American Dream. It’s about your dream.

Everybody has a dream. Go get it.

Hear today’s inspiring interview with the very excellent Kevin J Donaldson right here. Do someone a favour and share it with them.

Go get it!