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“Know how powerful you are”

“Everything I want wants me”

“When you know who you are, you can act with boldness”

“Get results from spending time with God”

“Get up and Go harder!”

Tiphani Montgomery
No.1 Essence Magazine Best Selling Author

All the above quotes come from the amazing Tiphani Montgomery.

This lady believes in doing things big. And no wonder it’s no surprise to learn that her first ever self-published book earned her $25,000 in a month and since then she has not looked back! Yes, you read that right.

So now you know why she was our guest on this week’s Ask Patricia Show. Click to listen

She tells us about the people she had around her who had tons of money so she naturally thought money was easy to get. And in large, significant amounts.

She really believes her faith in God is primary and what everyone calls intuition she calls God’s voice.

So far, Tiphani is not only a best selling author seven times over, but she was hand picked to speak at Bloomberg BusinessWeek Global Summit as well as sit on the Radio One Women’s Empowerment, alongside such luminaries as TD Jakes and Oprah.

So, you can understand why both Danielle and I are super motivated to get things moving, take things to another level, and lift our thoughts to a higher vibration.

Click on this week’s show straight away and you will feel the same way. Ask Patrici Show

We promised you that September on the Ask Patricia Show is about
inspiring and empowering our listeners and readers to be tall poppies and not be afraid of success.

One myth that Tiphani debunks is one that I’ve heard hundreds of times while growing up and I’m sure was part of my money mindset or money blueprint – maybe yours too – God doesn’t give you what you want He gives you what you need!

Have you ever heard that? Well let me tell you it’s hard to think expansively if you think like that. You may know intellectually that God has an abundant life for you but you will never access that until you get rid of any money or success blocks you may have.

Why not do the following exercise:

Ask yourself how often you’ve heard these statements growing up?

1. Money doesn’t grow on trees
2. Rich people are selfish
3. Money is the root of all evil
4. The filthy rich
5. The rich are different
6. We can’t all be rich
7. You have to work hard just to make a living
8. Save money for a rainy day
9. Rich people just know how to take advantage of others
10. We can’t afford it. I’m not made of money.

Perhaps you have some deep seated unconscious beliefs about money that are not serving you.

Please look at each statement and change it to one that will serve you. Read it daily. Say it out loud. With passion. With feeling. Say it until you feel it inside. Until you own it.

Let’s get started. I’ve already got a few I’m going to start with.

1. I want money and money wants me more.

2. Money comes to me now. In many ways. In different ways. In expected ways and unexpected ways.

3. I am a target for significant sums of money.

4. Money and money making opportunities come to me easily.

5. Money is good. Money is power.

6. The poor man’s wisdom is despised. I will not have my wisdom be despised.

Add your own and say these daily. I am sure you’ve learnt by now, that ‘we get what we say’ .

And remember you don’t have to ask for permission to do what you really want to do. You choose. You decide. It’s your life. Live it now.

So guys hurry and get to the show podcast right now because you will be firing on all cylinders and ready for action when you’ve heard all Tiphani has to say.

See you here in a day or two when I’ll share some other tips to change the way you think, feel and believe about, money and success.

Click here It’s a shorter episode than usual but we guarantee it is jam packed and it has power to impact the way you live your life.



Hey guys Danielle here, So Tiphani is telling us to Get Up and Go Harder! I like it! So much fire behind that statement.

‘Go Hard or Go Home’ is the motivational quote I’m sure we have all heard at some point recently. However ‘Get up and go Harder’ doesnt offer you a get out of jail free card. It insinuates going further than you ever have and even imagined possible and urges and commands you. There is no other alternative. Could be particularly helpful when it comes to the gym aswell. (for some of us anyway!)

It can seem that while others seem to be flourishing and being successful, you are fading away like a lost person. How does one rise above their own self-doubt and pity and begin to make a change for the better, to set goals and achieve them??

Sometimes it really is the fear of success that hold us back as you will have heard on the show. Don’t be afraid to set yourself apart from the crowd, to be daring to be bold, even doing the downright obvious! Show yourself approved, learn your craft and dive in.

Want to be an author? – start writiing, Want to be a pilot? – learn how to fly.
Want to be a fashion designer – Start sketching. You get it…

They key is in the actual DOING.

Tomorrow may not arrive we do not know what is in store. Today is THE day to start acting upon those thoughts of ambition. Don’t be a stumbling block for yourself. Be your own Biggest Fan.
Do what Mariah Carey says ‘Make It Happen’ (great hit and very inspiring!)

Above all, the Most important Factor in all your endeavours is Christ Jesus. He really is your
Biggest Supporter, whether you realise this or not.

Let Christ be the Centre of your life and he will surely lift you up.

Psalms 37:4 Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

That’s all folks, till next time,

Danielle Drama
– Don’t be Shy, Say Hi!