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Well the month of September is all about working with you so you can play a bigger game in life and business.

Listening to the latest
Ask Patricia Show this is where you start.

You will get some great take aways including how to get over the fear of success. It’s amazing how that can be just as big an issue as the fear of failure.

Our guests, Jo Miller of Be Leaderly.com and Ola Agbaimoni of Eelan Media tell us exactly how to deal with office power plays and the office politics as well as how to drastically improve the chances of promotion.

You will also find out the mistakes that women tend to make most often that are definitely holding them back. Click here for the show

Well I wanted to add, as promised, 3 habits you should adopt to make sure you stand out from everyone else.

1. Recognize and accept that the highest paid work you can do is, thinking. So think big. Throw away small time thinking and upgrade your thoughts. You can’t outperform your level of thinking.

2. Daily bodily exercise. Exercise the mind and exercise the body that houses that mind. Anything from a moderately brisk walk, simple stretch routines, a dance class, or using weights to keep and build bone density are good.

3. Keep a notebook handy. Make sure you jot down those inspired thoughts and amazing ideas that you received at the oddest or most unexpected moments. No matter how great the idea is and you’re convinced you will remember it, you won’t. Write it down.

See you back here next time.

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