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Well, what’s the point of just blending in, just following a well worn path?

I like to create my own path in life. The fact that no one else is doing something isn’t always a negative.

I firmly believe we all came here to the planet with a unique DNA that codes us to think and behave in a certain way and to achieve something only we can.

That we all have a mission and we just need to accept it.

Well, if you are someone who lives your life pursuing your goals and seeking to make an impact in the world, you will have found by now that it takes help. It takes support. It takes good advice. It takes encouragement. It takes seeking out new information and upgrading your skills constantly. It’s so necessary to keep learning and staying in a position of continuous professional and personal development.

Do listen to this week’s show Ask Patricia Show which gives great tips on how to be a key influencer. September is about inspiring and empowering our listeners and readers to be a tall poppy and to not be afraid of success.

Some things you will hear on the show:

1. The Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid when Building your Brand

2. Why You Should Take Control of Your Career Trajectory

3. How You Can Network Effectively and Why You Should Become Socially Astute

4. Why You Should Not Be Afraid of the Office Power Plays

5. Why Age is Never a Barrier to Your Success

6. How Failure is Not the End

And so much more…….

Keep checking the blog this week as each day we will post 3 tips on habits you can adopt to become a person of influence.

Enjoy the show.

Here is the latest Show featuring Jo Miller of BeLeaderly.com

Jo Miller is Founding Editor of BeLeaderly.com, CEO of Women’s Leadership Coaching, Inc., and the creator of the Women’s Leadership Coaching® system, a roadmap for women who want to break into leadership positions in business. Used successfully by thousands of women worldwide, the system identifies the key steps women must take to advance into positions of influence and leadership—especially in industries long considered “a man’s world,” such as technology, finance, and energy.

Jo is an internationally sought-after speaker who delivers more than 60 presentations per year to audiences of up to 1,200 for women’s conferences, women’s professional associations, and Fortune 1000 corporate women’s initiatives.

We also have Ola Agbaimoni the Business Detective and Curator of the acclaimed List, Top 100 Most Influential Black People on Digital/Social Media.

Ola Agbaimoni is known as “The Business Detective” due to her “Sherlock Holmes” like problem solving abilities. Ola is Eélan Media’s social media marketing and business strategy expert, blogger and problem solver. She has over 15 years senior management experience in a large corporate setting, where she was responsible for managing multidisciplinary teams; running multi-million pound projects, marketing campaigns and strategic planning.

Described by her peers as an enthusiastic, energetic and charismatic, Ola has won several awards for her leadership and track record of motivating people and organisations to achieve results and exceed targets.

Hear How to be a key influencer here!