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Hey!! Drama here,

Black Men on Beauty.

Its one of the more interesting topics for a lot of us women out there I’m sure. How we are perceived by men is one thing, how we are perceived by black men in particular is another right?

Not to say there is anything particularly wrong with your Beyoncé’s, Tyra’s and Nicki Minaj’s. They are all strong black women. Its what they represent that’s more important to the guys right?


I put together this little collage of Tyra Banks, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce and Alek Wek on several social media platforms to see what look the guys seem to go for….


Here are a few responses from instagram;

Simeon Says

Tyra Banks all day. #Sophisticated #strong #sassy #classy and #seductive

Ramzy Says

Beyonce for me. She’s the most i feel attracted towards, taking into account i dont know the other two and Nicki Minaj is just a no..

Jonno1 Says

Beyonce 4 me… Nicki too fake, tyra don’t find her attractive…and the other woman (Alek Wek) doesnt have hair so im out.

Sid Says

Tyra Banks for me… Beyonce is just overrated and is a goat. Nicki Minaj is just fake central and that Alek Wex bird, is naturally beautiful but not for me (it’s the hair)

And Facebook….

David Says

Personally I’d go for Tyra Banks. Purely because of her natural features. Tbh (to be honest) I’d rather get look like #4 (Alek wek) and without all that weave and heavy makeup.

Leo B Says

Out of the four options I’d go with slot 1 and slot 4. Reasons are based solely on What little truth i know about them/gleaned through general media. Not to say Beyonce isn’t fanciable. But Nicki I could never bring home to meet the folks!
Think it’s cool to remember that beauty isn’t restricted to those of size 12-14 & under

Fitzroy Says

Is that bird on the bottom right, the one from 12 years of slavery? I found her quite tasty, anyway the one on the bottom right, why? I just find her more appealing than all the others x

Make of that what you will! Tyra Beyonce and Alek are getting some love but poor Nicki not so much…. Why is this though?
Is she just ‘too much’?


If you listen to the show its clear that ‘Black is still Beautiful’ and you can hear why and also hear a few objections to our beauty preferences!

Personally speaking I see so many ‘Nickis’ sashaying down the local high street most days and its definitely become very commonplace. Not very questionable to most people….Until you begin to question why on earth there are so many black women walking around like either very good or in some cases, very bad carbon copies of the next Beyoncè or Kim Kardashian! My question is why? Is it for you? The man you are trying to land? Or because it’s the only way you feel you can be ‘Beautiful’ as a Black woman?


Maaaybe……Ditch the skin lightening creams, hang up the Remy, let your scalp breathe, give your eyelashes a break from the glue and just use one layer of that foundation instead of three. PERHAPS? Its up to you. You may be pleasantly surprised to realise you can wear all that but you don’t need it.

Until next time, Catch me bouncing around here and below. Don’t Be Shy, Say Hi!

Ciao for now! 😚

Danielle Drama
Danielle Drama

Hi Patricia here!

This week’s Ask Patricia Show continued over last week’s topic on What is Beauty? On the show last week the statement was made by a guest that black men see black women as aunties, sisters or mothers.

Why was this, I pondered? How prevalent was that thinking? Where did it come from? Was it merely the fact that our faces do not generally appear on glossy magazines meant for the mainstream? Were men conditioned subconsciously not to view black women as beautiful and desirable but in a functional way such as carer or nurturer?

Well Danielle and I were relieved to find this was not the case. All the callers to the show said they loved black women and found them attractive and that they were indeed their first choice. Not all the callers were black either. Take a listen by clicking here

We were excited to have speaking to us from his Hollywood home, actor Kareem Grimes (Bones, Castle, Boyz in the Hood, Legendary, ER) who said black women are one of God’s finest creations!

And Kareem left us with the question “will you let someone else tell you what makes you comfortable or what makes you beautiful or will you decide for yourself?” Great question for us ladies Kareem!

Hear interview with Kareemhere

Also our newest member to the Ask Patricia Show Team is the fabulous Sennie Rose who joins us as a correspondent. Welcome aboard Sennie ☺️

Sennie conducted some interviews in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on how black men see black women and here is the result.

“How do you as a Black man see Black women?

Amir age, (age 55) – Very simple, they are the strongest female creature on Earth. They are very independent, broad-minded and wholly faithful in all things.

Wasim, (age 32) – I see them as queens. They are strong individuals. So strong that other women are in ‘awe’ of them. Sometimes I think their strength and knowing how to handle business gets out of balance. They have to know that when they have a strong Black man in their lives, they can be a little more reserved and let the Black man handle things too.

Do you see Black women as aunts, mothers, sisters, grandmothers or only as sexy pin ups or beauty icons?

Amir: Black women can be all of those things.

Wasim: I see them as all of those things. Why limit their roles?

Do Black men have the right to tell Black women they prefer us au naturel when they admire women whose beauty owes so much to weave/extensions etc. (Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Gabrielle Union), etc?

Amir: I prefer an au naturel woman. I never liked a woman with ‘enhancements’. If they want to do it, they are doing it for themselves, not me.

Wasim: I desire a natural woman. If she wants to sport a wig, extensions – she becomes a new woman every day. I still will run my hands through it!

Why do Black men say that these ‘enhanced’ women are beautiful but when Black women try to emulate them, Black men label us as trying to be white?

Amir: I think that some Black women feel insecure not knowing they possess the innate power to be anything they want to be. They see White women getting things like promotions at work at a faster rate than themselves. Black women may think the grass is greener on the other side. It isn’t. Black women need to draw on their own strengths to make their lives work for them.

Wasim: I don’t think Black women have had to emulate anyone. They are unique in beauty and character. Other women emulate Black queens. Look at all of these women getting tanned, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery to have more physical features as Black women.”

Thank you Sennie. It was an interesting insight and a very positive one.

I would personally like to add I feel it’s important for black men to let it be known how much they love and admire their women. It’s also important for women to love themselves in all their various shades and hues and make the most of their God-given beauty. If extensions, weaves, make up are going to be employed then they should only add and enhance not obscure or take away.

Stay beautiful, loved and blessed. See you next time.

You can hear the show here: Black Men on Beauty