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We spoke about love across the various racial divides on this week’s Ask Patricia Show and more great conversation and music was enjoyed by all.

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My own views on interracial dating and marriages are pretty straightforward; it works because the couples make it work regardless of challenges and outside influences etcetera.

Most people that rang in had positive stories to tell and those on social media the same.

For me growing up in the late 60s and 70s it seems very different because then dating someone who was “different” because of skin colour was an issue. Often a big issue. If you were black and dated a white person or vice versa you would stand out. People would stare, mutter beneath their breath, give dirty looks, call you names etc. Now it seems any racism is not up front and not so blatant. That could be due to political correctness or due to their becoming more and more used to such images.

Although some high profile celebrities have spoken out about negative reactions from other people. Kim Kardashian-West had an unpleasant experience while travelling and said this was her first real encounter with racism. It wasn’t something she has been affected by in the past. Tamera Mowry-Housley, who is mixed race herself, has said she has had some horrible comments passed because of her white husband. So racism still raises it’s ugly head when it comes to mixed marriages etc.

Relationships and marriages require work to make them successful and even more so if different cultures, languages and religions are involved.

I’m interested to hear from you here on the blog about interesting interracial dating experiences you’ve had.

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Hey Guys

Drama here

So. Interracial relationships?!?!? What a BEAST!

I don’t think I could do justice to this subject ultimately because there is so much than can be borne out of this, it can be a never ending journey in a way. Almost like being in a maze of discovery. This is a good thing.
There is so much to be said and understand about something that is so diverse, unique, beautiful, controversial and yet so normal and justified about an interracial union.


It was mentioned on the show ‘Danielle Doesn’t Discriminate’. I have my own personal experience of dating outside of my own race. I am a black female I have dated Irish, chinese, sudanese, ghanaian and guyanese men. I must say more than anything I didn’t feel any different dating them than I have anyone of my own race. I live in London I’m surrounded by so many different ethnicities every single day. I spin around in a circle of ethnically diverse friends every day. I’m just used to it. If I am friends with a white man what difference does it make if I fall in love with him?.
Truth is I don’t care because it makes no difference to me. Now other people caring or having a problem? Oh for sure there will be an issue.

Here are a few quotes from people who shared their own thoughts on the subject matter

Scott (white male) says:

” I have had relationships with all different cultured women and we are all connected. There’s no advantages or disadvantages. Life brings challenges and you both have to ride them together, that’s what makes a relationship strong.
Challenges are rejection from family members, persecution from religious communities and public confrontation.

I see a lot of it in the older generation as they were brought up in one specific culture where only whites stayed with whites, blacks with blacks etc
Our generation now isn’t that way inclined, everyone is different. There are a lot more interracial relationships.

A lot of it is down to how we are taught as children about other races and also the environment you’re surrounded by. You will have what I call ‘old school’ parents that believe their child will marry someone of their own race. Then you will have parents that will teach their children what to look for in a person rather than focus on the colour of their skin.”

Leo (black male) also says;

” My views on interracial relationships are pretty simple…they can work. However both parties should aim to bring their own heritage into the relationship. The cultures should merge and simultaneously expand to incorporate the wealth of knowledge that will be between them. That way the kids can gain also. Even though I currently have no children, the above would be my desire with my wife. The obvious challenges I’ve faced with a partner are racism, or just plain ignorance from those surrounding our relationship…”

Thoni, a black female mentions:

“I am all for interracial relationships and don’t understand why everyone isn’t doing it. I wouldn’t say there have been benefits as such, men are men. Unless you count not being cheated on, not yet anyway.”

Helen, a white female tells us:

“I’m totally approving about any interracial relationships – its what’s inside that counts anyway race doesn’t matter 🙂
Challenges for me were cultural and mainly surrounded religion – particularly because I was in a homosexual relationship. No advantages other than Bengali girls are beautiful 🙂 I learnt about her background (Hinduism) and her family/friends/culture. That was enlightening and taught me a lot.”

We have had a wave of responses similar to these comments.
Interracial Relationships seem to be a positive thing!

It doesn’t end here guys got something to say? Don’t be shy, say hi!
Drop a comment!

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