Finding Real Love…..With The One and Only Paul Brunson!


Hello friends! Its been a minute, I do hope you are all doing fabulously!

Guess what? So…..

We recently got to catch up with the Amazing Paul Carrick Brunson at the Hilton Hotel in Marble Arch. A treat indeed! Most of you will and should know who I’m talking about.

He’s the No1 Professional Matchmaker, Author of ‘Its Complicated’, Entrepreneur and everything in between! – I mean Seriously!

As I listened to his interview with Patricia It was pretty clear (even though he was pretty cream-crackered from his flight from DC to London) he means business and was surprisingly full of beans, hilarious and very endearing!

He mentioned some things we are getting wrong in terms of this whole ‘Dating Game’ the approaches, the interactions we have with men that could be sabotaging our chances! 😮

He also spoke about how we can improve and indeed, succeed in our quest for real love. Hes got the keys AND the secrets – Good thing too, im glad somebody does!

How well do YOU flirt? No really! What you think is Flirting, may not actually be doing you a favour! 

Now I LOVED hearing what he had to say.
I mean I was thinking in my mind ‘how on earth does he KNOW this stuff?!’

Watch his interview HERE

Now I’ll be honest, I’m 26 and Dating to me, seems like a waste of time purely because I would really prefer to take a break from it and spend time on myself, for the time being. Then again………. time really IS ticking……..I’m already on the anti-ageing creams! 😀 so who knows I’d gladly give up the ‘break’ if I found real love! I’m certain Paul can help me and you out in that area for sure. They don’t call him the Real Life Hitch for nothing.

LISTEN UP! Paul has a one-off special workshop happening today!! called (you guessed it..) ‘Finding Real Love’ and his reputation is 100% Satisfaction. no question about that so get your ticket now and get those secrets! 

Finding Real Love Workshop

See you there! ✌ 


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Real Love Show: 7 Lessons I Learned After 31 Years of Marriage


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To See or not to See: SELMA


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‘Selma. Selma? What’s that about then? Confused. What kind of title is this for a film (?)’


These were the questions that ran through my mind when hearing about this film. I Still wanted to see it though. It will probably be in the minds of other filmgoers too. I must say it was unfamiliar to me. Intriguing actually. I took my seat in the cinema and felt a bit nervous and excited about viewing this especially after realising what it would be about. It’s one of those films that completely captured my attention instantly. The whole entire cinema was silent in anticipation.

‘Selma’ is about the real life historical struggle of African Americans being able to legally exercise their civil right to register to vote unencumbered. Technically the South was legally desegregated in 1964 with the civil rights act, however segregation and discrimination remained in some parts. Change was long overdue.


Cue respected reverend and civil rights activist from Atlanta, Georgia, Dr Martin Luther King Jr (played by David Oyelowo) He respectfully meets with the President of America, Lyndon B Johnson (played by Tom Wilkinson) at the White House and demands there be change, to Pass the Voting Rights Act for black people. Now the meeting with the President doesn’t end successfully as Dr King is pretty much told that the civil rights of black people isn’t an urgent enough matter, there is an election coming up and it will get dealt with, later. No. That’s simply not good enough. It needs to happen now. That much is clear. 


The need for this change is illustrated when we see the elderly Annie Lee Cooper (played by Oprah Winfrey) return to the city hall to register to vote, sit alone on a bench waiting for her name to be called. She knew she would be denied again, but she went anyway. Defeated but still believing she should have her right to vote. She represents everyone in that struggle. This particular scene I believe, let’s the audience form a bond with her character and creates the understanding of the all the emotions felt by many and this is threaded throughout the film


Going to Selma, Alabama. Dr King Jr manages to gain support from local black people and starts an entire movement with the help of the SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference) of nonviolent retaliation with peaceful marches and protests in seeking freedom from their oppressors with or without the support of the President.


Just hearing the encouraging and powerful speeches Dr King Jr gives, he superbly underscores the determination, intelligence, restlessness and strength needed to overcome this type of battle. Listening to him empower his followers felt like being in Church again. His words are intense, heart felt and met with rapturous applause from the people, it made my heart beat so fast as if it were me getting ready to hit the streets.


This was the calm before the storm. They knew by marching they would be met by attack, beatings, whippings, gassings and literal bloody brutality. Death was an everyday possibility but a necessary risk. I could not get over that what I was watching was a sincere, portrayal of what had been going on for such a long time.

Watching this film, I was not being entertained, I was being educated and quite beautifully and powerfully so. I am not usually the overly emotional type but If you are, watching this will give you the opportunity at reflection and serious contemplation about a myriad of things, especially just people, people trying to live their lives. Make sure you have some pocket tissues ladies and gentlemen.

In Selma, Blacks are treated like second class citizens in America.  The constant barrage of abuse, violence, humiliation and killing the blacks of Selma are relentlessly subjected to from their white counterparts and the state endorsed racism would make any reasonable person wince.


Ava DuVernay

The Director, Ava DuVernay has done a magnificent job in Directing this piece and taking me on this journey. I genuinely hope to see more of her work because it will be guaranteed quality if Selma is anything to go by. The types of camera angles used to portray certain aspects of what happened historically are extremely accurate and ignite a lot of emotion and passion. They are carried out very skillfully and is definitely evident through the violent scenes. It made me feel tense and very uncomfortable because of a knowing that something bad would follow on which only heightened the fear factor. Ava was very intentional with Selma and knew exactly what she was doing.


Most of us are quite aware of Dr Martin Luther King Jr just by the fame and awe that surrounds his name. There will certainly be many of those who won’t necessarily know what that fame is for. Selma delves right into the heart of that mystery for you and fills in the blanks.

I absolutely fell in love with Selma Its an all time favourite now. I would recommend this be shown in every school globally, and if not globally then certainly Nationally.  There is so much to be gleaned from this educationally that would spur inquisitiveness to learn even more, that isn’t readily taught to every child.  The more knowledgable we become, the better and less ignorant we shall be. Which is the point.


We had the wonderful opportunity of interviewing David Oyelowo after the premiere, he is inspiring, focused, and was absolutely commanding in his role as Dr King Jr.. The ending of Selma will only reiterate that for you. Watching the credits roll to the very end was in a way respecting what I’d just seen and allowing it to soak in and I guess was the cinematic equivalent of being floored. Just thoughts that left me blown away, a sentiment I feel many of those around me were touched with too.

I believe this spirit-filled performance will undoubtedly take David extremely far. The Best of British Talent for me so far indeed.  It is the highest rated film of the year.  Do not sleep on Selma, go and see it today.


Thanks for perusing around here again we welcome your thoughts and comments. Let us know how you feel about it… Ciao!

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Why Rape Victims Keep Silent!

Why Rape Victims Keep Silent!.

In the light of recent rape allegations in regard to actor Bill Cosby, many are asking the question, if this is true why have you waited all these years before speaking?

Well there are many reasons rape victims do not speak out and on this Real Love Show, we discuss several.  Counsellor and Therapist Janet McNish and Sex Therapist Alison Mitchell join me to break it down.

If you have been affected by any of the issues in this show please contact or or myself at and you can receive help and support.

Patricia Benjamin

Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough


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Do you realise that the amazing and almost too wonderful dreams and desires that you harbour in your heart are a clear directive of what you were born to be, do and accomplish?

It’s a revelation and it’s a glorious one. If when you dream you see yourself in front of myriads of people it means your sphere of influence and ability to impact is large.


If you find yourself with large dreams it means you were meant to affect many through your life and by what you do in your time here.

Never ever be intimated by your dreams. Don’t feel it can never happen. Dare to believe that you have the abilities and wisdom to live your dream.

Also don’t allow anyone who doesn’t quite get or understand you to stop you or get in your way.  There are always those who think they know your purpose better than you possibly could. Others may be well meaning but are nonetheless misguided.  Please never abandon your desires. Those desires are God given and He has deposited within you the greatness you need to be all He created you to be. The fact that you have the desire is proof it belongs to you. Embrace it and pursue it with violence. “The Kingdom of God suffers violence and violent men take it by force”. Matt 11.12


Nothing significant is merely give, oh no, it must be taken.  If you want it, go and get it.

So demand more of yourself . Why live a lesser life than anyone else? Are you a child of a lesser god?

Do not become frustrated when the road to your destination is not smooth or the path is not linear. Instead, learn lessons along the way, take courage when you ride through the storms, rejoice when you score touchdowns and don’t stop until you get enough.

Patricia Benjamin

You Can Have It All, But Not All At Once


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I have just finished speaking with Sherry Ann Dixon and a more inspirational woman  you cannot hope to meet. Speaking with Sherry,  you feel as though there is nothing that is beyond your reach.

We covered so many key points in our interview and I want to touch on a few of the ones that I especially loved!

1. Be curious about life. Be observant of life. This reminds me of King Solomon who wrote the Proverbs. He too was a keen observer of life and people and he often shared the lessons he learned.

2. Broaden your horizons and don’t be afraid to have an influence and impact outside and beyond your immediate sphere of activity. You can affect other people too and the gifts that you have can make a huge difference in the lives of countless people. Don’t put a limit on what you do.

3. Don’t be the invisible woman. Give your voice. Give your opinion.  Give your story.

4. Don’t let your age hold you back. If you haven’t done everything by age 30 that’s okay. If you want to go back to study in your 40s or 50s that okay too. It really is never too late to learn new skills. Sherry started doing radio in her 40s and again her in 50s. She also qualified as a lecturer in her late 50s and has won a plethora of awards since.  Now in her sixth decade she is still developing her skills, growing in confidence, and beginning brand new initiatives. More of that on the Show. Listen in here

5. Be proud of the real you. There is nothing better. As a woman of colour myself, who has lately decided to wear my hair natural with no chemicals or weaves etc and absolutely revelling in it; I love this the most. As Sherry says “How dare I say I am not beautiful when I am in my own skin and in my own hair?” How dare I indeed!


I believe the world needs more “women like you” who are not afraid of making their own decisions and are ready to do all that’s in their hearts.

I hope this interview in our series “Take a Woman Like You” inspires you to put on your happy face and get ready to make a difference!

Patricia Benjamin
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Hear our chat here, just click.

Finding Your Own Happy


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Hi guys,

How are you doing? How has 2015 started out for you?

For me, it’s all about continuing to do more, and be more, to allow the undoubted greatness within me to be expressed.  I believe that doing this brings me happiness as I am no longer suppressed, oppressed or depressed.

There is nothing more upsetting to human beings made in the image of their creator than being chained,
confined or limited when it comes to living a purpose filled life.

How can you be happy if you are restrained, whether by self-imposed limitations or constraints from others around you? etc

Its time to go higher.  Its a new year. One thing I have seen is that success, leadership, freedom, happiness, call it what you will, it is never given up freely.  You must seek it, pursue it and take it.  Life doesn’t just happen. Success doesn’t just happen.

Mariah Carey sings “Make it Happen” as she encourages us to believe in ourselves, work hard and pray every day.  Good advice.

What I will add to that is don’t expect the road to be easy, or uneventful.  Don’t expect everyone to believe in you, or to help you, or to support you.  Don’t be shocked when the naysayers have their say or when things go pear-shaped!

Just be sure you keep believing in your purpose, make sure you grow powerful networks through powerful relationships with other forward-thinking individuals who love, respect and support you. They are there. You will find your supporters. Your own dream team.

cocoa pic

I am speaking to Tyler Perry actress Cocoa Brown on this episode of the   Ask Patricia Show and she encourages us to get out of our own way and to find our own place of happy. Every day there are moments of doubt, of challenge, of difficulty, but press through and always make time for yourself and for rest.  It was interesting to hear that despite her amazing career success that she takes nothing for granted and even though she is a great comedienne, she has moments too when she “just can’t.” So take courage, and go get your life.

Find your own happy…..

Hear the show here!

Have a fabulous 2015

Patricia Benjamin


Challenge What The Future Holds!


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I’m doing just that. Keeping my head up to the sky, being bold, being strong! I like it that way. Life feels like a great, big, beautiful adventure!

Have you ever looked back at your journals and seen the entries you made at the start of the year? I’ve just done so and I’m overflowing with renewed excitement! Because I saw so many of the endeavours that I have begun during the year whilst not even thinking about my journal entries and now recognise that I was automatically fulfilling my dreams, my desires, the positive words and declarations other trusted colleagues had spoken into my life. It all made total sense. My life was working. It was on point. I was exactly where I was meant to be! And when you’ve had to endure and surmount a couple serious “hard knocks” that is powerful to see.

So I’m not making new year resolutions. Oh no. I’m sticking to following my instincts and pursuing my goals. A great friend told me over 2 years ago that I should recognise that the dreams and desires I have for myself are the Father’s dreams and desires for me. That He was wanting me to do all that was in my heart. He had put them there.

Have you heard the term “die empty” or “leave it all out there” or “do more”? – well I’m determined to do just that.

I love the amazing and inspirational people I have encountered. They absolutely push me to do what I do but do it better. To not be afraid of standing out. To not be afraid of my own light. I’m impressed with these individuals. They encourage me. They embolden me. They bless me. And so many of them have generous hearts and open spirits which I totally respect.

Once such lady is the undoubted star that we call Pauline Long. I don’t know anyone who works harder and as for all her success, she truly deserves it. She definitely gets up and goes harder.

An entrepreneur, a fashion designer, Awards Curator, Global Ambassador, Film Studio owner and executive, Television Show Host and Presenter, Philanthropist, the list is unending – Pauline is engaging, down to earth and most of all, genuine.

She reminded us all in this week’s Ask Patricia Show #APS that we are all incredible creations and we must not die with everything still within us. But we must die empty.

She believes she has been called and anointed to do all she does and, importantly, that YOU ARE too.

Listen In Here as she talks with me,